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March 28, 2009


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But if muddle and jealousy win out, nuclear proliferation, not restraint, will be the norm—to enduring regret all round.

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The first one is my favorite. The design and the texture of her works are amazing.

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These are awesome. Love the purple one!

Gaby Bee

These are fabulous. Love the texture on both pieces!
Gaby xo


Love the texture on your pieces Rande xx


Oh, these are great! I could totally get into a texture class! That's art knowledge you can use in any art style or application.

Jen Crossley

Really beautiful Rande the texture looks amazing

Joanne Huffman

These are definitely a great recommendation for the online classes - I love the rich texture in them.


Linda Cain

VERY cool!


Bev F

Love your take on these classes. I am really enjoying them too. Thanks for the recommendation. Jane and Maureen are a hoot.


Love the textures & the work from Suzi Blu's class. I need to start looking into those online classes, they're such a good price and based on your work, a great deal!

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