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I am a collage, assemblage, and mixed media artist currently living in southern LA. That's Lower Alabama!

I love so many forms of art, it has been hard for me to focus on just one or two. Right now I find my artistic energy leans toward small collages and assemblages. This form allows me to include my love of paint, old papers and photos, fabrics, and small 3D items I have found over the years.

Part of my love for collage started in antiques shops where I found so many things to collect. It didn't take long for me to have more "stuff" than I could ever use or enjoy. I decided to share my special finds by opening a small booth at an antique mall, and trying to limit my own collections. During this adventure, I also began decorative painting on small pieces of antique furniture. These items were only those pieces that were broken or could never be restored. This turned out to be very popular, but very time comsuming. So I decided to close the booth and concentrate on smaller items.

I have found collage to be extremely rewarding. I can use so many different methods and materials.